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San Diego’s only Medical Foot Spa

The Active Foot Spa was founded by our Medical Director, Dr. Jack A. Reingold (a board certified podiatrist), to provide nail care (medical pedicure) in a safe hygienic setting. Our private and sterile spa rooms match the same stringent requirements as any surgical or medical facility. We use only medical-grade skin care products and EPA-registered hospital disinfectants. Our nail technicians are not only beauticians, but they are also licensed medical assistants who have undergone extensive training under the direct supervision of Dr. Reingold.

Our Methods

We offer a unique “waterless pedicure” to prevent cross contamination and spread of bacterial and fungal infections between clients. Utilizing a disposable, single-use towel with warm moist essential oils, your skin and nails are prepared in an antiseptic manner before treatments. Perfect for those individual with special foot health needs.

Our Unique Atmosphere

We provide personal private rooms in a sterile setting to provide a completely relaxing atmosphere. Unlike other traditional nail salons or spas, all of the instruments that we utilize in each of our services are completely sanitized, disinfected, wrapped and individually sterilized in a steam autoclave- the same way that medical offices and hospitals do before a medical procedure. Nails are thinned and ground utilizing specialized power equipment developed for podiatrists to ensure performance and safety.

Meet Our Team

Doctor ReingoldDr. Jack A. Reingold, our Medical Director and owner, is a practicing podiatrist, with over 30 years of experience in treating problems of the foot and ankle, board certified by both the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and by the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics..

Dr. Reingold created the concept of a Medical Foot Spa, to provide nail care (medical pedicure) in a safe hygienic setting, similar to a doctor’s office. The Active Foot Spa has had tremendous success in helping people with all sorts of problems, utilizing conservative care methods.

Nail Tech AmyAmy, a native San Diegan, has worked as a nail technician for many years in North County. When she started to encounter clients with toe nail issues she realized she had a passion for helping people. She has extensive training in nail care and restoration.

Amy has often said that ”by working at The Active Foot Spa I have been able to help people feel more comfortable showing off their feet. Clients that leave with a smile on their face make my job worth it.”

April TrevinoApril has been working as a licensed cosmetologist and nail technician for many years in San Diego. Her familiarity with nail abnormalities has built a reputation of helping clients get on track with their health, through receiving proper treatment.

Her outgoing personality and passion for her work has built many lasting relationships with her clients. When asked to summarize her feelings about her field she said, “I love meeting new clients and having the opportunity to help others feel great about themselves.“

Don’t risk contracting infectious diseases or fungus. Relax with cleanliness and privacy!

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Our pedicures are not meant to be a substitute for medical attention, diagnosis or treatment. Specific questions should be directed to your own health care provider.
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