Dr. Jack’s Skin Care Cream

Doctor Creme

The Skin Care Solution that Works!

What’s more, Dr. Jack’s Extra Strength Skin Care Cream restores the natural ability of the skin to attract and hold moisture by using ingredients that are similar to the natural moisturizers and anti-oxidants already present in healthy young skin. It is both a keratolytic, for taking off the dead skin, and an emollient, for hydrating live skin cells.

Where can it be Used?

Dr. Jack’s Extra Strength Skin Care Cream is ideal for dry and cracked feet, heels, knees and elbows. The most effective way to use it is after a shower, in order to hydrate and seal the moisture.

What are Some Features and Ingredients?

This cosmetically elegant formulation is Fragrance Free, Latex Free, and Dye Free. These features reduce the chances of skin irritation. Dr. Jack’s Extra Strength Skin Care Creme contains the important chemicals that the skin naturally produces to moisturize and heel itself.

Urea penetrates deep into the skin to attract, absorb, and hold moisture. Alpha hydroxy and malic acid remove the dead skin. Exfoliation is just as important as moisturizing! Finally, pure silk protein (amino acid) is added to improve tone and luster, giving skin a silky, smooth, non greasy feel.

What’s the Difference Between Dr. Jack’s Extra Strength Skin Care Cream and Other Moisturizers?

Other moisturizers simply “moisturize” by covering the skin with grease, wax, or oils. Dr. Jack’s Extra Strength Skin Care Cream not only moisturizes, but also heals dry skin caused by aging, medical problems, and the environment. It is physician formulated to repair and rejuvenate dry and cracked skin caused by aging, medical problems and the environment.

Since most skin creams are basically chemicals, the manufacturing process often leaves the product with an odor. This one of a kind product has no odor and therefore requires no fragrance to cover the chemical odor most creams have. This lotion can benefit men and women.

Be Kind to Your Skin!

The skin, also known as the Dermis, is actually considered an organ, just like the heart or stomach. It has many job functions. It protects the body from invading bacteria, maintains the proper water balance in our body, and helps keep the body from dehydration.

Keeping your skin healthy is one of the easiest things you can do. Just applying Dr. Jack’s Extra Strength Skin Care Cream on a daily basis can help in preventing dry cracked skin and maintain healthy skin.
A little goes a long way. Only a small amount of Dr. Jacks Extra Strength Skin Care Creme is necessary per use because of the skin penetration and silky feel.

Available for purchase both in Spa and online!

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